October 1 2021 Beach Shoot

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October 1 2021 Beach Shoot

Three months ago on October 1 2021 I met up with my friend Barry that happens to live not too far from me now in WA, back in the day we both lived in Las Vegas. I have done several photo shoots with Barry over the years (search for Barry in the blog to see our stuff).
So back in October we drove to a beach in Oregon and spent a couple of hours shooting. Here are some of the pictures, I will put them up in a few entries.
And since we live in the time of plastic surgery, photo shop and filters I just want to say that these photos have zero filters, little photoshop like the light has been adjusted but no body parts have been made longer, thinner or larger and I have no plastic surgery. So if you are expecting to, or used to seeing unrealistic looking people on social media.....that's not me. I am hoping for the pendulum to swing towards the natural look cause if it does - I'm it.

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