The Journey

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The Journey

I came back from Burning Man the other day. The theme this year, well there was no theme because Burning Man as it's known was actually postponed until next year. But the people decided to go ahead and have their own Burning Man and decided to call it Renegade Burn. Of course I needed to be there!
The journey to Black Rock Desert took longer than I planned (of course). That's kind of the way it goes every time. There are about 480 miles from Portland to Gerlach NV and then you continue down Highway 34 for 12 miles as well. I had a camper to pick up and pack, then there are several stops for gas and rest etc until you FINALLY reach the destination......

Somewhere between Portland and Gerlach.

A setting sun.

Only 87 miles left to Gerlach!

Pretty mural in Cedarville.

I have many more pictures from Renegade Burn to come.....! ;-)

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