Far Out Camp

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Far Out Camp

So this year at Burning Man I felt more tired than usual. At first I was not sure why......am I finally getting "old", am I out of shape? What could it be? Well, I am not a teenager anymore but I am not old and I sure have a lot more energy than some people. I have definitely been in better shape but I am far from out of shape. Then I think I got my answer. Our far out camp location. We set camp at the very outskirt of the Playa. On L. Way too far out and way too windy out there. Now I know.
When me and my brother finally arrived to Black Rock City it was getting late and the sun was perhaps an hour away from setting. We were driving around trying to find a spot to camp at and had to set up the tent before it got dark. So we just went with L. Well, biking back and forth all the way to L several times a day is more tiring than I thought it would be. So never again am I camping that far out, hopefully never again. We talked about moving camp a few days into it but were too lazy to.
Here is a map of Black Rock City 2016, if it makes any sense to the people that never been there before. It is very well structured.

The canopy we set up for shade blew away and got destroyed on the second day (windy). We had a canopy before we left for Center Camp and when we got back it was gone. We got it back and it was all bent and broken. Well, I made sure we still got shade and did what I could with the broken canopy structure, the car, rope and some fabric I brought with that was intended to be hooked up to the canopy anyways. Yes......shade! The tent got dusted in until I figured out what had to be done to keep the worst of the dust at bay (tarps).
I will be even better prepared next time, you live and learn. Luckily we had a neighbor that borrowed us some rebar. She was prepared for Armageddon.
We had some interesting neighbors out on L. Helpful and fun. And our canopy was not the only one that blew away. Of course having an RV is much more convenient and comfortable but Burning Man is absolutely doable in a tent. I kind of like tenting at Burning Man, it's cozy. Plus if you have done Burning Man in a tent you have really experienced Burning Man.
One afternoon me, my brother and our neighbor Herman sat around camp and came up with a theory that Burners are the chosen ones. That Burning Man is a preparation for the end of times and if you go to Burning Man and make it, especially after a whole week in a tent, you are (although you don't know it yet) part of a bigger plan that is preparing you for the end of times. I should add here, if you spend at least a week at Burning Man in a tent and STILL want to come back and do it all again next year......then you are chosen. Because I am sure that there are some people (like girls that are scared of dust, being uncomfortable and are just annoying and whiny in general) go once and never want to come back. Not that I am sure if I would like to be fighting for my survival in some end of the times scenario.....
During the day I look like this. I don't want any sun or dust on my face and hair (especially sun). I can't stand the sun burning my face. My hair turns into a dusty ropey looking mass by the end of day 2 usually. I just give up on my hair when I am at Burning Man.

Biking around the Playa. Back and forth......back and forth.....

This year was not as cold as last year. I was only cold the last night this year and I wore a jacket and a hoodie. Brrrrr! The year before I was FREEZING more than once. There were some windy moments this year and complete whiteouts but that is how it is out there. I like it. It's Burning Man.

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