Dusty & Cold

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Dusty & Cold

This year was the year of dusty, cold and windy at Burning Man. No rain though which is good because things quickly turn very muddy on the Playa. It wasn't awful weather the whole time, us Burners had sunshine and clear skies too but at night it was rather cold. A few nights were VERY cold, so I had to bundle up in layers when I was out and often walked or biked around with my face covered by a bandana and my head and hair covered with a bandana or a hood to get some protection from the dust and the cold. Nevertheless, it was GREAT.

My Playa bank robber look. At least my lashes didn't come off in the wind, I wondered if they would a few times.

I got lost trying to find Center Camp one afternoon because there was so much dust swirling around that you couldn't see anything, I finally made it there.....looking like this.

I don't like the sun scorching my face, so I cover up as much as possible.

At least inside Planet Earth you can shed the layers of clothing. Me and a new friend.....

These two girls were absolutely beautiful and flawless despite the dust. I don't know how they managed and I had to take a picture with them, they were that pretty.

I LOVE this pic of myself. A new fave. ❤ I was out dancing at White Ocean, having so much fun. Feeling alive .

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  1. mandy on :

    Looks awesome. I like the last picture too, the hat is sweet.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

  3. Blackseal on :

    Holy cow. I finally decide to stop lurking on your biggest post EVER! :-D lol. I found you thru wonderhussy and i have no idea to this day how I found that site. I just wanted to say hello. You seem so super nice. I am super nice myself. I live in Bermuda which is far far away from Alaska lol. Its a very small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, I am an Islander. Have you ever been Bermuda? I loved your visits to Sweden posts. Oh and I did not like your picking up hitch hikers posts lol. You be careful you. You seem super nice. Behave lol. Also be careful! silly you! :-) Pleasure to meet you far away person! :-)
  4. blackseal on :

    did this work? hello from far away lol.
  5. Blackseal on :

    ok well this is all quite odd. Maybe me message get through or not lol...apologizes in advance shall they have done so ok. :-)
  6. TATIANA Post author on :

    Yes....I know where Bermuda is although I never been there.
    All your messages went through I just have to approve of them first.
    Thank You for reading!

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