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Playa Hair

Having long hair on the dusty Playa can seem scary. How do you handle it? Will it become destroyed, a total crazy mess of tangles? Having a lot of dust in your hair whether long or short for a week without a proper shower can scare some people off. But my hair did remarkably well. I washed it once, actually Jill, a girl that I camped with was a darling and washed it for me outside. This was my hair Saturday. I didn't comb it once ay Burning Man.
It was all natural. Playa hair!

I would spray it down every day, I think that helped a lot. It added much needed moisture.
I actually loved how my hair looked as Playa hair, the texture and the look. It felt soft, my scalp wasn't itchy at all and it feels great even now after one wash since I've been home.
I think it got naturally bleached too, so to the people out there that wonder if I bleach my, the sun and dust at the Playa does that for me. I do have some gray hair that I color but I have written several blogs about that already.
Here I am with my spray bottle, I had already left Burning Man when this pic was taken.......

Last week Tuesday while briefly stopped in Roseburg, Oregon waiting to pick up a food order at a Mexican restaurant, I love eating Mexican when on road trips, a girl came up to me and told me she really liked my hair. I told her funny because it was full of dust and unwashed. She asked me where I had been and I told her the desert, more specifically at Burning Man and she told me she and her boyfriend really want to go. I told her, DO IT......GO! You will LOVE it! And I gave her a BRC Weekly, I picked up some extra copies to give out to people in the "default" world. It's weird, some of the connections you make with random people.......!

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  1. Doc on :

    Your selfie came out, it looked like you took several. Got a cracked windshield on my drive to North Kenai, $416 later I can see through the windshield. Thinking of giving up my N. Kenai Visa and passport, that place is still in the stone ages. HA,HA
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    $416 for a windshield? A robbery! I take it you put in a brand new one.....even at that, what a price!
    North Kenai.....that place is almost scary. The stuff you hear and see just confirms that some of the residents of that area are backwards in many ways.

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