Catching Up

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Catching Up

Talk about catching up! I'm tired but very happy. Busy day today, I had an appointment at the police station today. My passport is expiring next month so I had to apply for a new one.
Yes, I am a Swedish citizen.
I met some friends today. It feels like yesterday.....all my memories, time goes by so fast. I feel weird about that, scared and sad. In a way I don't want time to go by at all. I never have.
I wish I could be like this, like I am now - forever.
I met up with Monika this afternoon. Non stop talking for hours. Coffee, food, great company. It's going to be difficult to leave Sweden, I have wonderful friends here. And family.
I'm already dreading the return......I hate goodbyes. According to Monika I don't have a US accent at all. Some Swedes leave here, then they come back for a visit after some time and they have a heavy accent (preferably American to sound extra cool). No accent for me I am happy to say. I do have an accent when I speak English, although I can't detect that myself. People point that out to me a lot (in the US), some think I fake the accent. No, I don't.
Anyways.....I should get ready for bed now.

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  1. Annette on :

    When I go home it is hard to leave....I understand šŸ˜„ I have developed a slight Minnesotan accent and people notice it when I go home. The pic's you are taking are beautiful. I enjoy seeing Sweden since my great grandparents were from there šŸ™‚
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Maybe one day you can visit Sweden?
  3. Annette on :

    Maybe šŸ™‚

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