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It's 10 am and I am up and ready to start my day.....feeling happy and excited. Have to start making some phone calls but it looks like I am going back to the lake Rudan, it's warm and sunny out. Yeay! Right now....enjoying my breakfast to the fullest. The Swedish classic.....filmjölk and a müsli called Start! that I love. They should sell Start! in the US.....filmjölk too, so good! I'm thinking about shipping five or so boxes of Start! to the US before I leave......if I leave.

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  1. Mandy on :

    Is the file like a yogurt drink? Like Kefir?
    I wouldnt want to come back here. :/
    If you meet a nice tall handsome fellow that is looking for an american bride let me know.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Similar to Kefir but not quite.....
    I should put out ads with your pic.....the schoolgirl outfit pic!
  3. Mandy on :

    You can call it "The disgruntled American".

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