Afternoon In Stockholm

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Afternoon In Stockholm

I spent the afternoon in Stockholm. First breakfast and reading of Svenska Dagbladet.
Guess what.....? There is a three day conference starting tomorrow just north of Stockholm in Uppsala, on the schedule - the rapidly growing problem of our resistance to antibiotics.
I guess they consider this to be a rather serious problem......

Then I enjoyed the beautiful afternoon, I spent it shopping and taking photos. Taking my time.

People sit along the edge of the water.....talking, some drinking wine, others reading or just taking in the view.

A store full of trolls. I found a book called "Swedish Folk Tales" with illustrations made by John Bauer, that I think I must have.

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  1. Mandy on :

    Okay that troll is pretty cool.
    Everything looks so amazing.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    I think you feel the trolls!
  3. Mandy on :

    Only if it has a sweet hat and a sword.

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