Entries from May 2023

Friday, May 12. 2023

Tokyo Skytree

I had to go to see the tallest tower in Tokyo and the third tallest structure in the world, the Tokyo Skytree. You can take an elevator up to the top and get an amazing view of the city, I stayed on the ground though. There is an aquarium on the 4th floor, Sumida Aquarium that looks like it is worth a visit as well. The aquarium closes at 20.00 (that is 8 pm) so make sure you get there in time. The admission to the Skytree observation decks also closes at a certain time, keep that in mind if you are planning a visit here.

Thursday, May 11. 2023


Tonight I had traditional soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) at the restaurant where my friend Kazumi works. First I got green tea, then miso soup. The soba was served with a dipping sauce (soba tsuyu), thinly sliced onions and wasabi.
The soba I had was cold and got served on a bamboo tray (zaru). When I finished the soba I got some water that soba had been cooked in to add to the dipping sauce so I could drink it. A traditional meal that I very much enjoyed.
The restaurant is called Kayabacho Sarachina (Kayabacho subway station) and is a family owned place that has been around for 55 years.
The soba is made right there so it is fresh, I watched them make it. Soba is very nutritous and so is miso (I read up on it, very interesting).

The other day I had Korean pizza (?), I think it was.

The first day I got here I had some soup with noodles. I gave the pork to my brother.

I've had Indian food a few times (I love Indian food) and the naan they serve here are huge. Good!
I've had all kinds of things to eat while in Tokyo, I have no complaints. There is so much stuff to choose from here.

Wednesday, May 10. 2023


I got a massage today. A 90 minute body massage. In a small place located underneath a subway station so I heard the subway rattle by the every other minute or so which did not bother me at all, I find that soothing almost like a white noise. The massage was average, like below average actually. Meh. I've had better but it felt good to get my flesh squeezed and my muscles stretched. I have been walking a lot here (good!), what I really need is a foot spa for like two hours but I am saving that for another time. Probably for when I am back in Portland.

I LOVE massage. Ideally I would like a weekly full body massage for at least 90 minutes. And a two hour foot spa twice a month. Then add a quality 90 minutes minimum facial with a face massage included once a month and that is the ultimate body care package in my book.
Anyhow.....I recall some massages that I had in the past. One in Poland by some guy massage therapist that thought he was hot. I was 23 I think and he thought that I could be in better shape.....I was like? OK dude I like ice cream and food, plus I don't care what you think of my shape. 
Then I had a massage in Anchorage (that is in Alaska in case you do not know), towards the end the massage therapist decided to turn off the llight and crawled up on the table and straddled me (I was face down). Never had that type of massage before.....she also went over the time cause I had a facial booked after the massage and the esthetician had to knock on the door to announce that it was time for my facial. That massage was a bit different.
Then in Kenai (also Alaska) I had my one and only thai massage (so far). That lady said she thought I had a nice body so therefore my boyfriend was lucky. In Salem OR I had a massage that started out with the massage therapist massaging my ears, she stuck her finger into my ear and stretched my ear somehow and that felt really goodl I highly recommend that move. In Vegas at the Korean spa I had a body scrub/massage and the lady scrubbed me so hard that I though she would peel my skin off. When the session was done she announced it by giving me a hearty slap on my bare butt (I was down to my underwear). You have to be OK with some new experinces when it comes to massage. As long as the person rubbing me doesn't do something creepy I am good (like do not touch my boobs and in between my legs, I do not need massage there OK). Everywhere else yes please! And hard.
And now to my absolute fave massage ever..... At a foot spa in Vegas. I visited a lady there several times, she called herself Kathy. She was from China so it was not her real name. Kathy is the only woman that I daydream about......she was that AMAZING. I would get a two hour massage and schedule it around 9 pm so I could just go home and crawl into bed afterwards. Two hours of pure bliss.

Tuesday, May 9. 2023


Hachiko (Hachi) was the name of a Japanese Akita dog that was born 100 years ago.....in 1923. There is a bronze statue in his likeness standing in Shibuya. Hachiko was like all dogs loving and loyal. He would see his owner off every morming at the Shibuya train station and wait for him when he got back, until one day Hachiko's owner did not show up. But Hachiko still waited.....and waited. Yea, heartbreaking truly. It gets me teary eyed and achy inside because I know that dogs are just so amazing. There is a reason why God spelled backwards is dog. Yoy can also visit Hachiko's grave at the Aoyama cemetery.
I got to see the Hachiko statue today and that made me happy.

There are even little community buses driving around in Shihuya called Hachiko. Kawaii!

Monday, May 8. 2023

IKEA Tokyo

I had to make a stop at IKEA Tokyo to check it out. I went to the Shinjuku store, there are a couple of more IKEA locations in Tokyo.

Some veggie balls and a lingonberry drink. I had to rest for a bit and gather some energy.....plus I was hungry.

Hello Kitty Tokyo

I went to a couple of Hello Kity stores here in Tokyo because I ❤️ Hello Kitty. There is also the Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, the Hello Kitty theme park. But I decided to pass on that, at least this time around.

I got Kuromi, a Pochacco magnet for my fridge and Hello Kitty.