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Hachiko (Hachi) was the name of a Japanese Akita dog that was born 100 years ago.....in 1923. There is a bronze statue in his likeness standing in Shibuya. Hachiko was like all dogs loving and loyal. He would see his owner off every morming at the Shibuya train station and wait for him when he got back, until one day Hachiko's owner did not show up. But Hachiko still waited.....and waited. Yea, heartbreaking truly. It gets me teary eyed and achy inside because I know that dogs are just so amazing. There is a reason why God spelled backwards is dog. Yoy can also visit Hachiko's grave at the Aoyama cemetery.
I got to see the Hachiko statue today and that made me happy.

There are even little community buses driving around in Shihuya called Hachiko. Kawaii!

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