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Tonight I had traditional soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) at the restaurant where my friend Kazumi works. First I got green tea, then miso soup. The soba was served with a dipping sauce (soba tsuyu), thinly sliced onions and wasabi.
The soba I had was cold and got served on a bamboo tray (zaru). When I finished the soba I got some water that soba had been cooked in to add to the dipping sauce so I could drink it. A traditional meal that I very much enjoyed.
The restaurant is called Kayabacho Sarachina (Kayabacho subway station) and is a family owned place that has been around for 55 years.
The soba is made right there so it is fresh, I watched them make it. Soba is very nutritous and so is miso (I read up on it, very interesting).

The other day I had Korean pizza (?), I think it was.

The first day I got here I had some soup with noodles. I gave the pork to my brother.

I've had Indian food a few times (I love Indian food) and the naan they serve here are huge. Good!
I've had all kinds of things to eat while in Tokyo, I have no complaints. There is so much stuff to choose from here.

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