Entries from April 2023

Saturday, April 29. 2023

Koffee Mameya Kakeru

I enjoyed a true connoiseur style coffee tasting experience at Koffee Mameya Kakeru. I picked the Signature Koffee Mameya Course which involves three steps.

The baristas here wear white lab coats and are true professionals at their craft. First a cold brew and a cold brew mocktail. Some chocolate from Peru.
I commented on the beautiful glass ware and was told that it was especially designed for the place.

Then a milk brew (they had a delicious oat milk) and a milk brew mocktail with a slice of amazing bread from a special bakery.

The grind used for the third step - the pour over. I had the candy raspberry coffee.

This experience is a rare one of a kind treat for coffee lovers!

Shinto Shrines

I have done some sightseeing since I have been in Tokyo. Went to a couple of Shinto shrines located in the city. The Meiji Jingu shrine surrounded by a forested area. There are many trees and plants here in the middle of the city. I love it.....so beautiful.

Yearly sake barrel offerings.

A haiku (so I was told).


You rinse off your hands before entering the main area. I think you should rinse/wash the left hand before the right and then rinse your mouth as well as in symbolizing the purification of body and mind upon entering but I did not do all of that. I did rinse my hands though.

A place where you can write down prayers and wishes for the Gods on little wooden plaques (ema in Japanese) and hang them up. Reminded me of the Temple at Burning Man, same concept.

A Shinto-style traditional wedding was happening.

I also visited the Tomioka Hachiman shrine. A gorgeous red gate (torii) seperates the holy ground and the secular world.

The handwashing area adorned with a couple of phoenix birds.

Guarding the entrance to he shrine, a couple of lion-dogs (komainu). Here is one of them.

Friday, April 28. 2023

Land Of The Rising Sun

I was up all night between Wednesday and Thursday because I had a flight to catch at 7 40 am.

Never had a sorghum cinnamnon latte before. Bye Portland.....!

And HELLO to the Land of The Rising Sun - Japan! After so many years of wanting to visit I finally made it here.

I am staying with my brother in Tokyo in Sasazuka. I managed to exchange dollars to yen, get a bus ticket and hop on a bus from Narita airport to Shinjuku where my brother met me. Not at all difficult.

After dropping of the suitcases at his place, I changed clothes and freshened up a bit then we headed out and did some sightseeing, yes I had to see Shibuya with that famous crosswalk (Shibuya Crossing). Everybody is very orderly here, that was one of my first impressions. I got a latte (see below) and we walked around.....It is late here in Tokyo (I can't belive I am here!!!) when I am writing this and I am in bed, it's been a long day. About to sleep. More on Japan later.