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Monday, March 12. 2012

You know......

You know.......I am not the only one that has written stuff about Whispers and Heartbreakers in Williston.
To the girls that e mail me, asking how it to get hired this too, the more you know the better....

Sunday, March 11. 2012

Saturday - The last night

Tatiana at work last night. The crowd was kind of rowdy and annoying - drunk party crowd. Bleh.

After work Tatiana was STAAAARVING, she had to go to Economart for some food, peeled off her lashes then and there and threw them
out with the empty food packaging.
No fake tarantula lashes or 7'' heels for at least a few days!
Tatiana is thinking about booking a facial for next week, so Anastassia can take care of her skin that has been mercilessly exposed to a ton
of cigarette smoke. And she is thinking about booking a massage, much needed, achy body.

Saturday, March 10. 2012

Last Night....

This is what Tatiana had on last night, purple. She loves purple, pink, white, name it, for work.
Last night was GOOD. Tatiana met lots of interesting people, for example a Polish business man based out of Chicago that was in town
looking to open an interesting venue in the area. Tatiana chatted away in Polish. Always fun to speak in your native language.
Since Tatiana is rather observant she noticed a girl approaching men by first biting/licking them on the ear then offering a "nasty" dance, whatever
that means? Tatiana was surprised because just from looking at her, she comes off as classy and elegant. Looks sure are deceiving sometimes.
Then the same girl got a guy to buy a dance for his friend. When he was getting the money out of his wallet, she snatched some extra
money out his hand for her "tip". Really?! Treat people the way you want to be treated!
This doesn't mean that Tatiana is nice to everybody, far from it. If somebody acts like an ass towards Tatiana she will respond accordingly or just
ignore them. But to snatch money out of people's hands, just because you think you should be able to get away with it, because you are a fairly
attractive girl in a strip club? That is wrong. What the girls don't realize is that behavior like that is so off putting, trashy and low, these men might
not come back to the club after being treated like that. But they seemed to like Tatiana, one of them gave her $100 after she got off the stage,
super nice! Tonight will be Tatiana's last night here in Williston, this time around. Back to Alaska tomorrow.

Tatiana's fave girl at Heartbreakers is Ivanka. She is a very pretty, petite doll from Russia, very feminine. And Angela is amazing on the pole,
it's always fun to watch girls that are good on the pole. Tatiana knows how to do like one spin, nothing to brag

Friday, March 9. 2012

Mmmmmm - fooooooood!

After the interview Tatiana was starving so she rushed over to the store, got a sandwich, a Greek yogurt, a Bavarian creme chocolate doughnut
and headed straight for her hang out spot, Meg-A-Latte.

Last night work started out slooooow, like it has the last couple of nights. People didn't start coming in until after eight.
But then it got busy and Tatiana stayed busy too, she had a really good night and a FUN night, she met lots of fun people.
Got an offer to "hang out" after work for $2500. Ummmmmm, NO. This is not Vegas where you can go and gamble at 2 AM and be in a public place. (Perhaps this is how girls can make that much talked about BIG money here.)
It is nothing personal. Tatiana has a Mom and her Chhaya, they would be devastated if something bad happened to Tatiana,
besides Tatiana doesn't "hang out" alone in people's rooms after work. But it doesn't offend her when people ask, if you don't ask, you won't know.
Usually a firm no or two from Tatiana ends that conversation.
It is Friday, only two nights left here in Williston!
Tatiana is feverishly typing away on her MAC, like some kind of a journalist in Afghanistan covering the latest news.
Check back tomorrow for more!


Today I had a sit down interview with a group of people from The University Of Montana.
We did the interview inside DK's. That is a huge bar/club here in Williston, I was surprised at how big DK's is inside,
large dance floor, seems like a fun place.
First we shot some footage of me applying some make up (as in me getting ready for a night of work), MAC pink lip gloss and such,
inside DK's bathroom. Then I sat down in front of some bright lights, had a small mic attached to me and answered lots of questions about dancing, especially here in Williston. It was fun!
This is a project that is being put together by a group of people covering the oil boom here in town. They are talking to business owners,
cab drivers, police etc. and then they found me.....because they found my blog.
After they edit everything, I will try to put up my clip here on the blog.
They wanted to film inside Heartbreakers but that didn't go through, oh well......

Here is a pic of me and the girl that did most of the interview. Tara. She was super nice.