Mmmmmm - fooooooood!

Welcome to Chaos !!

Mmmmmm - fooooooood!

After the interview Tatiana was starving so she rushed over to the store, got a sandwich, a Greek yogurt, a Bavarian creme chocolate doughnut
and headed straight for her hang out spot, Meg-A-Latte.

Last night work started out slooooow, like it has the last couple of nights. People didn't start coming in until after eight.
But then it got busy and Tatiana stayed busy too, she had a really good night and a FUN night, she met lots of fun people.
Got an offer to "hang out" after work for $2500. Ummmmmm, NO. This is not Vegas where you can go and gamble at 2 AM and be in a public place. (Perhaps this is how girls can make that much talked about BIG money here.)
It is nothing personal. Tatiana has a Mom and her Chhaya, they would be devastated if something bad happened to Tatiana,
besides Tatiana doesn't "hang out" alone in people's rooms after work. But it doesn't offend her when people ask, if you don't ask, you won't know.
Usually a firm no or two from Tatiana ends that conversation.
It is Friday, only two nights left here in Williston!
Tatiana is feverishly typing away on her MAC, like some kind of a journalist in Afghanistan covering the latest news.
Check back tomorrow for more!

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