Last Night....

Welcome to Chaos !!

Last Night....

This is what Tatiana had on last night, purple. She loves purple, pink, white, name it, for work.
Last night was GOOD. Tatiana met lots of interesting people, for example a Polish business man based out of Chicago that was in town
looking to open an interesting venue in the area. Tatiana chatted away in Polish. Always fun to speak in your native language.
Since Tatiana is rather observant she noticed a girl approaching men by first biting/licking them on the ear then offering a "nasty" dance, whatever
that means? Tatiana was surprised because just from looking at her, she comes off as classy and elegant. Looks sure are deceiving sometimes.
Then the same girl got a guy to buy a dance for his friend. When he was getting the money out of his wallet, she snatched some extra
money out his hand for her "tip". Really?! Treat people the way you want to be treated!
This doesn't mean that Tatiana is nice to everybody, far from it. If somebody acts like an ass towards Tatiana she will respond accordingly or just
ignore them. But to snatch money out of people's hands, just because you think you should be able to get away with it, because you are a fairly
attractive girl in a strip club? That is wrong. What the girls don't realize is that behavior like that is so off putting, trashy and low, these men might
not come back to the club after being treated like that. But they seemed to like Tatiana, one of them gave her $100 after she got off the stage,
super nice! Tonight will be Tatiana's last night here in Williston, this time around. Back to Alaska tomorrow.

Tatiana's fave girl at Heartbreakers is Ivanka. She is a very pretty, petite doll from Russia, very feminine. And Angela is amazing on the pole,
it's always fun to watch girls that are good on the pole. Tatiana knows how to do like one spin, nothing to brag

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  1. Ks boy on :

    Don't drink too many lattes. Remember the Kansas boys.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Only one or two/day!
    HI Kansas boys!!
  3. Anonymous on :

    You writing about the girl biting the men's ears made me laugh so hard. You would think someone who looks so classy would never even have to touch anyone for a dance. Let alone actually have to come on the to patrons physically to make themselves some money. Yuck! Strange men would have gross ears. Imagine all the ear wax, hair, zits, moles,and dirt among other things that she was biting on ! Hahahaha! That is so disgusting!
    I find your blog entertaining. Thank you for writing about how you see things for what they are. It's great!
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Exactly, there is no need to touch (more than maybe lightly on the arm) bite or lick in order to get a dance . And imagine biting ears and get a "no", she got denied several times.
    I would have to disinfect my mouth every hour if I would be licking people in the ear all night long.

    Thanks for reading!

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