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Last Day

It was with a feeling of sadness that I left the Burning Man playa an early Monday morning, my home for the last week. I told myself that I have to come back again next year and here I am writing this over a month later in my kitchen, feeling the same way. Burning describe it in a few words is difficult and pretty much impossible, it has to be seen and experienced to be comprehended. A vast area that in the span of one fantastic week is filled with people, music, art, lights - LIFE. It is like stepping inside a giant utopian Salvador Dali painting. I amassed so many memorable experiences during my week there that I will be forever grateful for. How can a week fly by so fast?
I took some time out during my last day to take some pics of myself with the help of the 10 second timer on my camera. I wanted more pics with my favorite statue at Burning Man, Truth Is Beauty.

Until next time!

This was my last entry on Burning Man 2013, the Cargo Cult. For about a month now I have written several blogs trying to describe in words and pictures how it was. Maybe there will be another story about next years event when that time comes. I still have some more pics to show you from my shoot with Michael, those will come up soon.


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