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Once in a while I do something wholesome......like bake.
Fun Tati fact, when I still lived at home with my Mom in Sweden she wanted me to bake once a week. I usually baked an apple pie or something we call sockerkaka (sponge cake) or a tiger cake (like a sponge cake with chocolate). I don't recall if I actually did bake once a week year round but I did bake on a regular. And I made waffles too, I love waffles. 
Well last night I baked cupcakes for puppies - pupcakes. Very simple, just add an egg and water and mix together.
Then some frosting on top. TAAAADAAA!

The cupcakes spent the night in the refrigerator and today I brought them downtown Portland to PetPack.

I help feed and clothe plus equip with leashes, harnesses, collars, beds, blankets, bowls etc the pets that "belong" to humans that have limited monetary funds and resources. I love doing this. I wish I could do more.
That is Senna checking out all the goods.

This is Behr.

And here is pretty Princess.

My dream is to help animals more. I love them so much. Please do NOT breed your pets. EDUCATE yourself on that subject.
I had so many offers to breed Chhaya, she was so gorgeous and she had papers and I could had sold her puppies for a nice sum. But what is more important? The profit or the welfare of the dogs? The welfare of the dogs of course. I do not trust that people can provide good homes for animals, some do but many do not. 
If you are reading this and have millions of dollars (or some other strong currency like KWD, GPD, CHF to give a few examples) and are not sure what to do with your money......let me help you put some of that money to good use and save some animals.

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