Public Restrooms In Japan

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Public Restrooms In Japan

Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Well I think animals are mistreated everywhere and can be treated much better, so let's all make a greater effort to treat all animals better.
After seeing the public restrooms in Japan Tati says, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by its public restrooms".
I do not like public restrooms. I would rather pee outside than use a public toilet and if I just can't hold it then I hover and flush with my shoe clad foot, like I touch as little as possible inside a public restroom. Use one of those blowdryer type hand dryers after I wash my hands? Never. I rather my hands air dry than get sprayed down with poop particles.
In Japan I actually enjoyed using the toilet. Sit down on the toilet seat in Japan? No problem and yes please.....I did not mind sitting on the toilet at all in Japan. Every public restroom I visisted was spotless. Because the Japanese people do not act like savages, they are so civilized it is almost unreal. Well, unreal for a brute Westerner like me, not unreal for one of them.
Check out these public restrooms......enjoy!
First you have the option of wiping down the seat with some sort of a rubbing alcohol solution, not that it is needed but I did it anyways and it is fun to do.

Everything is explained, in several languages. Sit your ass down on the toilet seat please, no squatting on the toilet seat.

I mean look at is just beautiful. I was seriously so impressed. Good job Japan! You can even sit there and peacefully look at a picture of Mount Fuji.

Another example of perfection. Nothing is destroyed, no grafitti. Imagine that.....!

You can choose how you wish your undercarriage to get washed. The temperature of the water, the strenght of the stream that washes you, the area you need washed. It is like picking out a fun adventure.

My friend Kazumi said that all foreigners are impressed with the public restrooms in Japan.

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