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I feel a slight panic inside my heart is June 21 ALREADY and today is Summer Solstice. I might make a stop later at
Nordia House here in Portland (where I used to volunteer). That place is so nice and they always have great displays and exhibits.
I did receive an email from The Jackrabbit Speaks, that is Burning Man's newsletter. And there was a really nice article on the solstice, here it is copied and pasted. Source, The Jackrabbit Speaks Burning Man Journal.

"Wherever you are today at 57 minutes after this hour, welcome the solstice. This celestial moment marks the day we honor Burning Man’s inception 37 years ago — the first time Larry Harvey, Jerry James, their kids, and friends built and burned a wooden Man on Baker Beach. Burning a human effigy, and celebrating the solstice on a beach gathering are not revolutionary acts unto themselves; humanity has created these moments and imbued them with meaning since before recorded history. But the impetus that brought these two acts together ignited something new (and also ancient) in those early Burners. Maybe it soothed unmet desires for ritual, communion and continuity at a time when people were feeling increasingly disconnected.
By 1990, the original crew merged with the Cacophony Society and other instigators, and engineered a leap from beach to desert. Before long Burners were building massive fiery art and other wonders, organizing theme camps, erecting a Temple, and piloting wildly illuminated mutant vehicles.
In short, we had a city. And then we had a global community — Burners around the world made the 10 Principles their own, launching Regional Events and local Burning Man communities.
So, happy solstice to you. We hope you make time to commemorate this moment in whatever way is meaningful."

"Burning Man is very much needed in our world as a place for rehearsing things that have a deeper spiritual value, and that nourish the foundation of identity: the feeling that you're at home in the world, and at home with yourself.” - Larry Harvey

I am VERY happy to be part of Burning Man, I am a participant in this event. It is a very special moment, that dusty week in the Black Rock Desert. Some do not understand it at all and that is OK, nobody is asking you to be there. But I understand it completely, I can feel it in my soul.
Happy Solstice my friends. ❤️

The pretty sky this evening. Can you see the moon and the star?

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