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Hiiiiiiiii everybody! What's new with you? I had a busy week. Too busy. I do not want to be an adult this next week, I would like a break. I am finally catching up on several days of emails and paying some bills. Relaxing in bed and actually listening to music while I am writing this (a 90s R&B mix on Spotify) with one of my best friends......my purple and white very soft electric blanket. I love that thing. One of my best purchases. I usually do not listen to music on my time off because I hear music non stop at work so I really appreciate silence but it is actually nice to have some music on to sing along to.
Anyhow.....what is new with me? I tried a new (for me) Häagen-Dasz, it was OK. Dulce de Leche Churro. I think my fave Häagen flavor might be cherry vanilla. This was after work Friday and all I wanted to do was eat this ice cream, read and relax in silence.

I saw this at Stumptown today when I was getting my latte. I like it. 

I had Pet Pack today (which reminds me, I need to fill out my schedule for the rest of the month before I turn off my lap top tonight), I met with one of my fave little boys - Tucker. He got two bowls (I get them at Dollar General for $1.25 each) and a new jacket. His jacket had a tear in it. Tucker is super friendly and very cute as you can see. ALL pets deserve love and a safe place. They give us so much and should be treated right.
Here is my prayer to God - Please God if you make it so I win a large sum of money I promise to help animals and people in need with the money.

This evening's moon. Not a full moon yet.....but soon. I might go outside and look at the moon when it is full like Monday/Tuesday if I remember. 🌕

What else is new? I don't know if you have noticed but the blog went through some changes. It looks slightly different and it is now powered by Styx, a weblog engine. So my blog migrated. I have NO CLUE how to do these things. Somehow I was lucky enough to come across a very kind and patient individual in Germany 🇩🇪 that has helped me with all my blog needs for over a decade now. My most frequent three words to him are, "I don't understand". I am sure he gets very frustrated with me but I simply do not understand these things. So THANK YOU KISA for ALL your help. Danke, Tack, Dziękuję, Merci 😘 I am pretty sure that after I post this he will write me an email and tell me that I did something that was not correct. It is not as simple as writing a text, putting up a picture and pushing enter. There is a LOT more to this.
Another of my friends encouraged me to look into coding years ago. Ehhhhhh OK maybe I thought. So I talked to a place in Vegas, I can't remember now some school of some sort where they taught some coding of some sort. I quickly realized that me and coding was not a good match.
Jeeeeeez......I guess I will just have to show my boobs to strangers until I am like 75. Not too far off now. And then MAYBE I can retire.
Another prayer to God - Please God let me have nice boobs until I am at least 75 so I don't have to starve.

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  1. Kisa on :

    Oh yes... He does! 😀

    He repaired your images to [use] media container! 
    He repaired your "paragraphs" to real paragraphs.

    Kisa whishes Tati to listen more carefully to what he has said about blog writing. Nothing complicated, just some more attention and watchfulness, paired with the will to play and learn. 😏

  2. Tati on :

    I am trying......

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