Thankful Every Day

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Thankful Every Day

It is one in the afternoon here on a Thursday in November which also happens to be Thanksgiving. My friend Ann spent the night and left a couple of hours ago. I am going to slowly go about my day.
No stress. No cooking anything from scratch except peeling potatoes (I leave most of the skin on the potatoes anyways), boiling them and making mashed potatoes. I am looking forward to eating the apple tart, the brussels sprouts and the red cabbage. Trader Joe's apple tart is AMAZING.

Need to feed the birds and the squirrels too.

Thankful every day for the comforts that I have. Water at the turn of a knob, a warm place to call home. Food to eat. Family and friends. Health. I wish everybody at least had the necessities like food and shelter. Everything else is extra.

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