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Soft White Underbelly

I went looking for the moon on July 13 when it was full. I thought I had pinpointed a spot where it would rise.....and I waited and waited. Looked at the clock. Well, no moon. I glanced over to the right and there it was, in between the tree branches. I was disappointed because I was hoping to see it rise above Portland. It was the biggest and brightest super moon of the year after all! Maybe next full moon I will get it right.

It has been absolutely gorgeous out. I am loving it.
I tried a Margherita from Trader Joe's the other day. Not bad. Only $5, if I recall it right.

One of my fave ice creams. Cherry was my first dancer name by the way. And please do not ask dancers whether their name is their real name or not. It is their real name right then and there, even if it isn't technically, OK? People have nicknames, some people do not like the name they were given and use another, others have a middle name they use, some pick a different name and make it theirs. You do not know the situation so do not make snarky assumptions. Like men don't lie about all kinds of things by the way.....LOL. Way more serious lies than a name. I have many stories to tell on that subject.
Maybe another time.

So I have been very busy lately. I am working on an assignment and it is rather intense. Hence not a lot of blogging.
Therefore I want to tell you about a YouTube channel that has hours and hours of interesting stuff on it that you can entertain yourself with in between waiting for new blogs from me. I discovered this YouTube channel a few years ago, I saw it mentioned somewhere and remembered the rather unusual name and looked it up.
Soft White Underbelly. There is a lot to say about it but I really do not know how to describe it. I find it extremely interesting and can spend hours immersing myself into all the life stories.

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