A Cold Day For The World

Welcome to Chaos !!

A Cold Day For The World

I woke up to a cold morning and flurries of snow on the ground and the alarming news that Ukraine got invaded. Not only a cold day temperature wise but also a cold day for the world. Although I have carried a soft spot for my Volodya (Vladimir Putin) for a long time I have to say that lately he has disappointed me. With the treatment and uncalled for arrest of Alexander Navalny and others before him (some that did not make it alive) to now this.
It is easy to sit around and have opinions about matters of the world, politics and its leaders but actually understanding and having knowledge about even a fraction of what is going on is a completely different story. Yelling epithets about Biden this and Biden that is not the solution. You need to do a lot of reading, listening and research about the current state of the world and the past, understanding the struggles for power and why.
I feel very bad for the people of Ukraine. I can't even imagine how worried and upset they must feel. I do not think an invasion is necessary no matter how Putin looks at it and I have somewhat studied where he is coming from.
Just like when Dennis Rodman spent time in North Korea like the self appointed ambassador for the United States I feel like I should be the official appointed ambassador for the World right now and get sent to Moscow to spend some time with Volodya and find his soft and kind side because I know he has one.
We can play and cuddle with his dogs, enjoy some piping hot borscht, sip tea and talk for hours with classical music playing softly in the background. What the World needs is a softer female touch to disturb the toxic male dominance and make order of things. And I do not think my Volodya wants to sit down with Angela Merkel again, even though her education on these matters vastly surpasses mine but sometimes it is not about how educated you are, it is how you approach things and deal with other people.
So my Volodya, if you read this.....I can pack a suitcase and head over to you as early as today.
I feel sadness that we have not evolved further as human beings in 2022. There is no need for war and destruction. It is time for peace and understanding.

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