My V Day

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My V Day

Did everybody survive Valentine's Day? Don't feel bad if it wasn't social media worthy, most of those are just smoke screens anyways.
My V Day went like this......woke up at 9 30, forced myself to get up by 9 45. AM that is.
I hate waking up because I have to, I am not an enthusiastic morning person that jumps out of bed. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, I showered the night before so no need for a shower. Got a London Fog, chatted with the barista. Got to work a little before 11, left at 5. Got a dessert I like that goes by a very fancy name - Boccone Dolce. Got home. Made dinner, pasta and leftover green beans from yesterday. Ate, relaxed, went for a walk. Later on had the Boccone Dolce with some pink champagne and raspberry sorbet.
Played backgammon. Watched some show on Netflix called Love Is Blind. Showered. I am going to solve a Wordle now, read then sleep.

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