Synchronized Drones

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Synchronized Drones

Saturday September 4, 2021 at Black Rock Desert Nevada I gathered at 9 pm with thousands of others to see if there was going to be some sort of a burning of an effigy like at the previous Burning Mans I've attended.
And we were in for a treat! Listening to a remix of Jimmy Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower (a song that I love) playing close by I watched as several lights suddenly appeared and started moving back and forth in a cloud formation above the crowd.
I realized that it was drones......synchronized drones and then they formed the Man as the crowed loudly cheered. It was AMAZING and beautiful and I loved it. The Man raised his arms while turning and then fell down. A great moment that I am happy I got to experience. That was three weeks ago today......

There are plenty of videos of this online. My pictures do not make it justice.

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