My Life In Pictures

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My Life In Pictures

Here are some moments of my life in pictures. A life that is passing by so fast by the way.....Do you feel the same about your life?
My new mask routine, well really not a routine since I have only done this once so far.
But after cleaning my face with a face brush I first slather on some Manuka honey.
It makes you look like you got dipped in liquid gold. Or like you are a character in a James Bond movie. Which I should TOTALLY be the main female lead in the next James Bond movie (if there will even be another one?).....right? Let it sit for at least 20 minutes.....then rinse.

And then apply this overnight face mask - Ultra Hydrating Overnight Dream Cream by Acure. Go to bed, sleep and wake up looking.....the same? Younger?
Less wrinkles? LOL.
In my head at least I am being nice to my skin by doing this two step face mask routine.

Got more Kevin Murphy stuff. Repair Me Wash & Repair Me Rinse. I like.

I used up the last of some Olaplex I had laying around, I leave this hair treatment on overnight as well. And to make sure I get everything out, I cut open all product tubes, even toothpaste tubes.
Olaplex recently came out with a new product, Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask. I have not tried it. And there is something called K18 that I have seen mentioned a few times, another hair product. I am curios about both of those.
On my maybe to try list.

My braid.

I have been drinking these, one a day. Yummy.

Thought I looked cute in my friend Fatima's rose colored glasses. No make up at work for two years now. Welllll no, I had make up on three times in the last two years now that I think about it, the last time was in January. No make up means NO make up. Some people say no make up but they still have foundation or some BB cream on, or mascara. I have not even combed my eyebrows cause I lost the toothbrush that I used for that purpose.
I need a new toothbrush for my eyebrows.....on next week's to-do list.
I might have to do an effort and put some make up on this week. Maybe. Not sure yet.

I saw these two friends during a walk. Cute.

Today's Pet Pack. I am getting to know all kinds of people downtown during our Pet Pack Sunday time. It is so much fun! And I see all kinds of stuff. Good and bad.
We are there to help feed the dogs and cats. If I could I would help every animal that needs it. Maybe one day I will be able to do more. I hope so.
That is my love Chhaya on the shirt. ❤️❤️❤️ I love her so much. Forever.

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