One Week

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One Week

I have been back from Burning Man for one week now. It takes a while to reintegrate to reality. Plus there is an RV to clean, laundry to be made and stuff to clean and store until next time. I have boxes just for Burning Man.

This year's What Where When book and playa dust that is waiting to be put into something else.

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit (everything changes, nothing perishes) by Orvid in his Metamorphoses (a poem) and also this year's art theme.

Yeah....I am back to reality. It is always bittersweet, that one week at Black Rock City goes by so fast. I would like to get and Early Arrival pass and be there for about ten days to get MORE out of the event, to see Black Rock City get built before the majority of the people get there. Maybe next time?

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