Started To Fall

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Started To Fall

The leaves have started to fall slowly around here, the day's are getting colder and the wind is picking up. Me and Chhaya found that first yellowy orange leaf laying on the lawn in the yard the other day. Fall is arriving, Halloween and haunted houses are around the corner!

I am almost done with the after Burning Man stuff. Meaning cleaning, folding and putting stuff away where it belongs. I have four large plastic totes with Burning Man/camping related stuff. All I have left to do is to clean my bike and I have one pair of pants to hand wash. But yes, Burning Man is over and I am looking forward to the next time already. I get the Burning Man newsletter called The Jackrabbit Speaks and in the latest one it says, "It’s over. Can you believe it?
We can’t, either. This year’s Burn was so… much. How could it have all already happened?
Sorry, playa brain makes Englishing more harder."
Playa brain! There is a word for it and it makes total sense. I just don't feel "normal' for a while after Burning Man because I have Playa brain! And obviously I am not alone in feeling that way.
I usually do errands on Sundays and today it is today I have to or I should go and get some more food for Chhaya, clean at home, do a load of laundry, go to the store and get some stuff that I need. Tomorrow I work in the afternoon, I started that new job I mentioned briefly and I have worked for almost two weeks now. I am taking my car to the mechanic on Wednesday to put in a new battery and have a bracket put in. I found a great mechanic that I can trust, I am there the whole time he works on my car so I am learning at the same time. The other day we opened up my battery (the old one) and I learned about the battery cells and battery acid.
And let's see if I can wrap up my Burning Man story next week as well here on the blog.
Well, I better get going so I can get some stuff done already. I am going to an RV show in about an hour.

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