Biking Around

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Biking Around

Biking around the Playa is usually great. Unless you are cold and have a distance to go still or if you get caught up in a dust storm and get dust in your eyes. This year the weather was PERFECT. Sure, hot during the day but nice at night and very little dust. I was probably the cleanest I have been at the five Burning Mans I have attended. I did not get super dusty.
My first two Burns I was in awe and everything was WOW. I remember taking a bunch of photos of the bikes, well I am kind of used to the bikes and most of it by now. I only took three pics total of bikes this year and here they are.....
These parked outside Center Camp were nice.

And these were cute.

Felt so happy when I got on my bike again, biking around Black Rock City and the Playa is the best exercise ever.

This was around 8 am, been up all night. Here I was trying to find Robot Heart. The very elusive Robot Heart. The really fun and interesting people come out after Midnight and stay up until the music stops and that is after sunrise, we all need rest at some point.

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  1. Carla on :

    Terrific photos.... as always coming from you.
    Oh, those bikes are quite unique and a work of art.

    I have never ever been to Burning Man but it looks quite interesting for sure.
    I notice that in your photo with you standing by your bike (with the cute little basket) that you are bare footed.... isn't the sand/dirt hot?? I might have had to wear flip flops.

    How big is the area all around Burning Man? I suppose you could ride for miles exploring all that is going on there.
    I love people watching so that would be my activity there. How many people attend this??
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    No the sand/dust is super fine, soft and not hot.
    I wear flip flops, boots and I am barefoot.
    The Playa is VAST, I don't know how many square miles.
    I think last year around 68 000 people attended Burning Man. There has been a 70 000 people cap the last couple of years. Although they can fit more than that easily.
    There is non stop amazing people watching and interacting.

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