First Day

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First Day

This year I arrived at Black Rock City about a day later than I usually do and left a day earlier. So I basically lost two days plus at Burning Man which for ME is a big deal. Burning Man happens once a year and is about a week long, I want to be there for as much of it as I can. So of course it was disappointing (actually VERY disappointing) to have to cut back on precious Burning Man time. A lesson was learned, do not go to Burning Man (share RV like I did this time) with people who have travel plans that infringe on my Burning Man time. Some people are OK with just a few days at Burning Man, I am NOT.....I want to make the most of it.
I thought I was clear about this but I guess not, I did not think I would have to cut back on my time that much, had I known I would had found somebody else to share the RV with, somebody on the same page as me. Therefore this time really did go by much faster than usual, before I knew it it was over. And when it is over you really FEEL that it is over and you know that there is a whole year until next time, if you are lucky enough to go next year. A lot has to fall in place. Kind of sucks but it is what it is......
So after we found a place to park the RV.....I found a camp called Grateful Floyd where we stayed, good location and good people, I got out my bandanas and wrapped them around my face and hair and headed for Center Camp, always my first stop.

Got caught up in a heavy white out dust storm on the way to Center Camp, the dust and wind ripped through the Playa. I had to stop moving for a few minutes because I could not see anything. But then I got to Center Camp and sat down with that first iced latte.

After Center Camp I delivered three pairs of crutches to one of the medical stations....the reason I brought crutches to Burning Man is because they asked if anyone was willing to help out.

My goal the first day was the delivery of the crutches, that latte at Center Camp and a visit to the Temple to put up these pics of George Michael and Chester Bennington that we all know recently passed. To me, it was very sad that these two talented (and according to multiple sources kind and caring as well) people left too early. I can only speak for myself but I got affected by their passing and it made me sad, I wish they were still here. I thought that George and Chester should be in the Temple this year. And so they were. I looked up at the sky at night and wondered if they were out there somewhere....

I also biked around and took in some of the art out on the Playa and this year's Man of course before I called it a night.

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