Lucia Celebration In Las Vegas

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Lucia Celebration In Las Vegas

I just got home from a traditional Swedish Lucia Celebration in Las Vegas! Well, as traditional as it gets here in Vegas. There was a Lucia and tärnor and stjärngossar singing songs. Swedish traditional Jul mat (Christmas food) and glögg. I went and got food several times and some man renamed me "The Girl with the fast metabolism" and said something like "Thank You for being thin". I was like......?
I have a good appetite and I am for sure not going to hold back on my food intake when I can have Swedish food that taste like HOME. No dieting for me.
Roxy was kind enough to accompany me this afternoon, we had fun (Thank You Roxy). There was a raffle and Roxy got us tickets and she won a knitted throw in blue and yellow, the Swedish flag colors and I won a $50 gift certificate to a Mexican restaurant so I am taking us there. Yeay!
Lucia walking away. Lucia is a big deal in Sweden, I was Lucia in 6th grade.

Glögg! I got us a small cup that we split. In Sweden we usually serve it with almonds and sometimes raisins on the bottom of the cup/glass.

Lussekatt or Lussebulle.

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  1. Carla on :

    Tatiana: I have never heard of Glogg... what is it and what does it taste like? Is it alcoholic?

    I have been to a Swedish Lucia Celebration but I thought that it doesn't happen until mid-December or so... I remember the candlelit part procession and singing and it was very beautiful. I wonder if in the olden days they used real candles on the crown on the singers heads .... I am glad that they use electric candles so there is no danger of catching the singers hair on fire !!!! I love candlelit processions and celebrations... especially with the house lights dimmed.
    My family always did an Advent Calendar where each day's flap is opened up as Christmas is approached and the bible verse, poem, or short story is read to everyone. Even today I have a Advent Calendar on my refrigerator and I anticipate each day's advent. My church always has a Christmas Eve Candlight service that I always attend.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas... coming up soon !!!
    Carla 🙂
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Glögg is a mulled wine that is to be served hot, often with spices and/or almonds in it. It can also be non alcoholic and you can buy it at IKEA for example (the non alcoholic version).
    Glögg taste sweet and yummy. I love it.

    Yes, LUCIA is celebrated December 13 but the Las Vegas celebration was done earlier due to scheduling conflict.
    And traditionally real candles should be used and still are used, although school children use the electric candles. Safer that way.

    Thank You kindly for the Merry Christmas wishes, I am wishing you a Merry Christmas as well. 🙂

    AND......HELLO, is Carla the ONLY person commenting here lately? I have readers but only one woman brave enough to write something? Ya'll are feeling too lazy or something?
    Thank You Carla for the comments, it makes it more fun to write when people interact.....!

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