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This year the Man was orange, I like that. I am on a color orange obsession at the I was happy when I caught my first glimpse of a glowing orange Burning Man.
The theme this year was Da Vinci's Workshop, so around the Man you could go and interact and read about stuff pertaining to that time and learn about things.
You can learn A LOT by attending Burning Man, if you think it is a place where all people do is roll around naked in dust and dirt, rub genitals with drunk and on drugs strangers you are wrong. For some it might be but that is not my Burning Man experience at least. It is up to you to make your experience what you want it to be. Burning Man is actually quite civilized, much more so than "the real world" I find. are some pics of the orange Burning Man 2016.

Saturday night is Burn Night. That is when the Man goes up in flames.....
People gather in a circle, watch and wait.

Once the Man burns down you can walk up to the place where he/it (is it a he/she or it?) once stood. It is smoldering hot but some people get naked and run through the ashes or do yoga. It sure is a scene! I am thinking about stripping down to my undies and run a few laps in the heat myself next year, it looks like a lot of fun.

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