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I have been having a vision of me sitting at Center Camp Burning Man and reading Orwell's 1984 . I thought it would be fitting reading material for that place. So I brought it with me and also Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Well.....I did not read much. Too many other things to do and see. Distractions everywhere! I did skim through 1984 and from what I gathered I don't care for it too much but I will still give it a shot and read it since it is a classic.

And in case you decide that you really need to read at Burning Man but did not bring a book with you, do not despair! They have a free library there. Of course! Take a lollipop or two also.

Speaking of books, let me tell you a few of the activities listed in the Burning Man What Where When 2016 edition.

Friendship Ceremonies - bring a friend to celebrate your friendship.
Sunset Friendship Weddings - celebrate the love you have for your friends and take a vow.
Early Morning Yoga - start (or end) your day with the sun.
Naked Espresso - join in for an espresso au natural.
Relaxing Foot Wash - bring your dusty feet and smile.
Pussy Day Spa - enjoy champagne, a refreshing body wash, custom pubic hair styling and a pussy massage.
Body Painting.
Teach Me How To Twerk Class.
Best Butt Olympiad - do you have the finest ass in all the land?
Kawaii Maid Cafe Tea Party.
Funnel Cake Party - fresh hot funnel cakes, drinks and dancing in a shaded geodesic dome.
Nobel Prize Winners Lectures - the ideas that redefined what we know about the world.
Burt The Yeti Story Hour - come and listen to tales from a far away land. Burt the Yeti reads a selection of Nordic Folk tales and Children's stories.
The UN's Agenda 2030 & Sustainable Development - explore ways to be a local and global citizen.
Let Them Eat Cock - bring a cup and enjoy the fabulous golden showers of Marie Antoinette. (This one is brought by my friends Sarah Jane ( and Eliza. 🙂

And that was only a scratch on the surface of what Burning Man has to offer.
No wonder I had no time for reading!

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