Sunday Thoughts

Welcome to Chaos !!

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday.....a day for thoughts. For you too?
So much BAD going on in the world. Again, I am not grasping why there is so much evil and suffering. Is this life here and now really hell? I am starting to think so.
All the latest suicide bombings killing so many, people getting tortured, parents in the US shooting and slicing the necks of their own children, people being cruel to animals. What is going on? I wish all of those disgusting sub humans would had been aborted instead of born. Seriously. Ponder that all of you pro life people.
Fun for little children to be born into a life of abuse, neglect and then be finished off by beatings or getting their neck sliced. So much for parenting.
Tonight Iceland (I say Island) and France (Frankrike) EUFA EURO 2016. Of course I want Island to win!
I attended a wonderful dinner party the other evening, finished a book and this afternoon I am going to the movies. More on all of that later. I will also take Chhaya, her toys and a blanket and go to a park with green soft grass. She has an irritation in between some of her toes that has flared up, I am trying to clean it and medicate but it is rather red. Poor baby.
Today I tried a Pakistan Rose Latte with toasted cinnamon - thumbs up!

I hope YOU are having a nice Sunday!

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