I Miss Burning Man

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I Miss Burning Man

OMG, I miss Burning Man so much. I'm thinking back constantly and I'm looking forward to next year. At least there is a next year, I hope! Because you never know how life will turn out.
"Reality" is harsh. There is so much bad stuff going on and I am super sensitive and get sad and upset over everything. Close to tears all the time. So it's been a difficult transition for me. I MISS IT!

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  1. Mr. B on :

    When it is dark - I just remember that nothing we have ever found burns as bright as SuperNova.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Thank You kindly and many hugs to you from me!
  3. ron and charlsie on :

    We loved your pictures. Great shots from around the playa.

    We were there as well. The School of Safe Sex. We drove our little school bus around handing out condoms. We are sad not to attend this year but will be back in 2017.

    Please continue to attend and share your pictures....
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Ohhhhh......I got so happy when I read your comment!
    I am going again this year.....in a few days actually! It is time for Burning Man 2016!
    See you next year then?

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