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No Hunting

Yesterday morning (well afternoon but morning for me) my neighbor Shelley came over with two of those Private Property plates that people put in their yard, driveway etc. She gave the plates to me, I think I need to have her over for some apple pie or something (HI Shelley)....... ;-)
There are so many people driving up and down the roads by my house looking to shoot moose and it's annoying me and everybody else that lives where I do. Look, go out in the wilderness and satisfy your thirst to shoot an animal and eat the meat. I think the whole,
"I need meat in my freezer" comes secondary for most of the people out hunting.
The number one reason is the hunt itself and the feeling they get when they kill that animal. Barbaric.
The other day I was walking Chhaya and two large dudes in a truck pulled up and asked me if I've seen any moose. NO, I have not and if I had I wouldn't be telling you anyways. I don't understand why car after car slowly drives up and down the road where I and several other families obviously live. Can you not see that you are in a populated area? Do I want some trigger happy and possibly drunk dude creeping around my property (8.5 acres) with a rifle ready to shoot everything that moves? HELL NO. I walk Chhaya in the forest around my house, I have no interest in getting shot at. It should be illegal to hunt where people live. Like I said, if you want to hunt for moose go do so where there are no people living! Alaska is huge, don't hang around where I live. I was out for close to two hours last nigh and counted eight trucks and cars driving up and down my road. WTF!? Really now. I'm going to put up a bunch more of those Private Property/No Hunting/No Trespassing signs and start patrolling the roads on foot with my AR-15. Tony Montana style.

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  1. mandy on :

    How in the fuck are they going to move a moose after they shoot it. Or do they just plan to chop of the head...probably. They are allowed to just shoot anywhere? what stops a stray bullet from hitting someone. If they have no commen sense when it comes to that, i mean really. Too bad you can't sabatoge the road with tacks or something.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    I would love to sabotage the road, great idea btw but I can't.....
    What they do is shoot the moose then chop it up/saw it into smaller pieces and then take it out.....if they want the meat, otherwise they just take the head (I'm guessing).
    Like the people trophy hunting in Africa, they kill the animal and then pose with it for pics. Take the ivory and leave the animal.
    STRAY BULLET - EXACTLY! How am I supposed to know that all the morons patrolling up and down the road here have common sense when it comes to that? Judging from people in general, they have no common sense whatsoever!

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