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I am not done with my Kodiak adventure here in the blog yet, I still have some more to share with you. Lucky you! Lap it up, I know some of you are so very thirsty to find out every detail you can about my time there (this is directed to all the dancers that read my blog but never have anything to say about it). Hi ladies, continue reading.......! :-D
So all dancers stayed on the boat (when I was there). I did check prices with Best Western out of curiosity, it's rather steep but they are pet friendly. In case I would go back and bring Chhaya, she can't stay on the boat. That staircase is way too steep for a dog her size and then she needs to be able to relieve herself on a regular basis. Housing in Kodiak is pricey in general and they seem to have a shortage of places to stay. Kind of like Williston. The rooms where we slept were small but I had all I needed. Basically a bed, that was very comfortable by the way. Plenty of covers to keep me warm and pillows. And a place to put my stuff. I like sleeping on boats in general, it's cozy with the waves and all. I felt safe on the boat too, never had a moment of feeling scared.

I got a text message from somebody I know saying that a friend of hers is going to work on the boat and would like to know where I kept my money. Well, I kept my money in a lock box that was attached to a rope and a weight, I would drop down my loot into the ocean every night. My money was safe with the fishes. I also made regular deposits into my Swiss bank account, by the assistance of my personal accountant and banker residing in London. I mean what serious business minded dancer does not have an off shore bank account? Although I am considering switching mine over from Switzerland to Qatar.....another great tip from me to you! Some of the girls kept their money permanently attached to their thigh in a garter belt. Not for me. I don't care for that look at work.
Those garter belts (especially the larger frilly kind) remind me of some old cowboy movie with a foul mouthed hooker in a brothel, with a cigarette permanently dangling from her lip, snapping her garter. I only wear a garter belt at work if that is a rule and I absolutely have too. But my money stays in my purse. Some very observant man with a sense of style that was on the boat one evening said that the practice of keeping a wad of money in your garter belt looks tacky, I absolutely agree.
It's also totally outdated. Just like neon green thongs that you hike high over your hips and that too bleached crispy big 80's rocker hairdo. A cute and/or discreet purse is the way to go or keeping the money in your locker (if you have one that you can lock). And do not shlep around a large bag, I see dancers carrying large handbags around. Really now......! What's in there? Your Summer's Eve, a sewing kit, a taser, an extra pair of thongs and some spare shoes?
That large handbag dangling off the arm just looks awful! Reminds me of a scene out of Cops when they zoom in on the working girls on the corner.
Another place you can keep your big bills you earn at the boat is in the toilet tank, nobody will look there. Tatiana knows all the great spots for hiding money. Be grateful and happy I am so willingly sharing my secrets with you. Also popular by dancers for money transactions - PayPal and those Square credit card readers. Another question I am getting and that I know I will be getting now that I am writing about dancing in Kodiak is, how was the money? Well, it was good but not fantastic. I had a few bad nights. I never lie about my income, even if it's shitty. And I never exaggerate my income to boost a low self esteem (not that I have a low self esteem, quite the opposite). My self worth and confidence has nothing to do with the money I make. I did better in Williston (keep in mind that that was over two years ago now) actually but I had to spend more money on getting to Williston from Kenai. So if you live somewhere close to North Dakota it might be better for you economically to go to Williston to try your luck or to some other club/s in the country, there are plenty of spots to choose from. I am keeping in touch with the girls on the boat, so I know about the money. If you expect something amazing, pray for luck and great timing when you are out there. Sometimes that is all it takes, to get lucky. Unless you are a hooker and make your money that way, then you don't need luck. I know girls that still make $ 500 - 800 plus in Vegas several times/week. Because it's Vegas in a busy club.
You don't need luck there, you just need to be motivated and go to work. It also helps if you look good. Or just be one of those dirty dancers (works everywhere) but that does not apply to me, I never resort to those gross practices. I'm way too good for that. Call me a stuck up bitch if you want, I'm used to it. ;-) I'd rather be perceived as a stuck up unattainable bitch (by the people that don't know me) than resort to some of the things I have seen go on in some strip clubs. If I was going to do stuff like that I would be a high class escort making the big bucks. Thank you very much. I am very well aware of my options and my potential.......
One afternoon tanning on the deck. The big boat in the background is the M/V Tustumena ferry that I took from Homer to Kodiak and back a few years ago.

Beautiful view of Kodiak. On a nice day that place is magical.

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  1. Alisha on :

    Hey! Tatiana, how can I text the personal massage? Because I don't wanna leave you a comment that everybody can read..
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Alisha....e mail me

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