Evening Fika

Welcome to Chaos !!

Evening Fika

I dragged my brother into City for some late evening fika......why sit at home when you can do stuff, right? Went to Gamla Stan (Old Town) and sat down at Kaffekoppen.

My fika.

Then we walked by another cafe and had to stop and get a chokladboll each.

While slowly walking back to the train I took pictures of stuff and myself.

Now I am full and tired, my eyes are closing down.....I think I need a quick shower and then it's bed time!

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  1. Mandy on :

    That first picture looks like something that belongs in Hogwarts. :-D
    Chokladballs...mmm mmm
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    You have a point about Hogwarts....I can see that.
    Oh yes....chokladbollar are very tasty....when I was a kid they were called negerbollar but not anymore.....
  3. Mumintrollet on :

    Two things you could do to improve your blog i think.

    Have an "about me" link post on top.
    Took a bit of reading for me to figure out why an
    Alaskan girl traveled to Sweden for fika.

    Have a "gallery" with all pictures collected and
    categorized, they're a bit scattered now so it's hard
    to browse through them.
    And bigger pictures.
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hej.....the "about me" can be found on the blogs very first page....www.fargosisters.com there is a short intro to the blog there if you look.
    I think I do need to categorize my entries, as in work, books&movies, travel, Chhaya etc but I haven't yet....maybe I will.
    I'm OK with the picture sizes I think....
    And I'm not an Alaskan girl....I'm a Swedish girl that lives in the US and I happen to live in Alaska for now but that might change in the future.
    Thanks for your input though.....I appreciate it!
  5. Mumintrollet on :

    I insist , you need a better intro/"about me".
    You write about more exotic and original stuff than "nail polish to feminism".
    And I think most people that comes to your blog never even see the first page, they get straight to a post.

    It's not just your model pictures I want larger, it looks like you put some thought into your other photos too with good composition.

    Yes , I know you're a swede born in Poland living in US, I read your whole blog! But it took a lot of reading to figure that out, your personal "story" is too "hidden" in your blog.
  6. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hmmmmm.....you do have valid points.
    I will think about your suggestions.....when I am more focused, it's almost 5 am here and I'm jetlagged and starving.....lol.
    Thanks though Mumintrollet!

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