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Tuesday, December 26. 2023


In Sweden we have something called Julkalendern, been around since I was a kid. In fact Julkalendern started in 1960 and it is like an advent calendar series made for tv, one episode per day starting December 1 and ending December 24. It is part of our Christmas tradition. This year's Julkalender is called Trolltider and the original version was shown 44 years ago. I decided to watch Trolltider yesterday and watched the last couple of episodes today. Of course I loved it - trolls, tomtar, witches, faeries......all the stories from childhood. I told a friend about it and he watched it too although he does not speak Swedish and then he decided to rewatch all the episodes.

I also watched the Swedish King's speech, very nicely delivered but with a serious tone. Because the situation in the world is grim. I am about to rewatch it tonight. The speech can be found translated on the web in case you want to know what he said. I can't help but to compare it to Trump's Christmas message he posted on Truth Social......talk about a difference in tone and content. I feel extra Swedish tonight and I usually consider myself a global citizen.
And that is my beautiful hometown Stockholm.

That's it from me for tonight this late December evening. I am in bed with two sleeping puppies. Exactly the company I want to have in my bed. And pink sheets, a warm electric blanket, soft blankets and plush pillows. Bliss. Happy Holidays.