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Entries from September 2023

Monday, September 25. 2023

Fun Times At Burning Man

This year I had fun times at Burning Man with my friend Ann. We drove there together, well technically she drove the truck like 99% of the way. And we stayed together in a camper trailer. This was her first year at Burning Man so this was her Birgin year.

One evening Ann went down a slide and got an injury on her butt cheek. Not so convenient when you bike around all over Black Rock City. So I saw an ambulance and told Ann that we should flag it down so she could make sure that the injured butt cheek got some proper attention. You get free medical treatment at Burning Man, it is included in the ticket price so why not? And she got lucky because the medics were two really cute guys. And the treatment she received was nop notch.
Black Rock City A plus treatment, where can I leave a glowing five star review? If these two medics are back at Burning Man next year I will have to go down a slide too so they can treat my injury as well. Or I can come up with a story about a painful hemorrhoid issue that needs immediate hands on treatment.

Saturday, September 23. 2023

Ego Pics From Burning Man

Here are eleven (my special number after all) ego pics from Burning Man.
A heart because I ❤ this place in the desert.

I had to go to the bike repair shop three times during Burning Man this year. Turns out it was the rim strip each time which in turn caused three flat tires. Of course I had enough inner tubes for my bike and extra ones to give to the bike shop. I did not even know that there is such a thing as a rim strip so I going to make sure I will come equipped with those next time.

And then it rained......and things got muddy. Trash bags on the feet wrapped with duct tape worked pretty good as footwear.

Where are we going next?

Thursday, September 21. 2023

Animalia Art

The Burning Man 2023 art theme was Animalia. To me that means animals but of course it can be interpreted in different ways depending on the individual. I know I missed out on a lot of art (this year again) due to unexpected weather (same as last year).  But here are some of the art installations that I saw.
There was a full moon during Burning Man this year so I tried capturing the moon in the pictures......
Let's start with this beautiful horse, the wings and legs moved. 

This robot (Mechan 1) looked familiar to me and yes its sibling Mechan 42 Space Explorer was in Portland earlier this year.
I am not sure if it is still here......

And let's end this entry with the dog. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I love ALL animals.

Here is a link to all the Burning Man Animalia 2023 art installations and THANK YOU to everybody that worked so hard from creating the art to putting it on the playa and taking it down.

Tuesday, September 19. 2023


The Burning Man art theme for 2023 was Animalia. 

The man was inside a beehive. I really liked that. The world needs bees. The world needs a greater awareness for the protection and care for all animals and insects - big and small.

Got the What Where When book upon entering Black Rock City. Also found out that there is an app (go figure) now for everything Burning Man called iBurn. I still like looking through the book, I have saved them all since the first one that I got in 2013.

Picked up the BRC Weekly too, of course. This year (sadly) is the last year for the magazine. You can find this year's issue and past years at brcweekly.com
I want the editor of BRC Weekly, Adriana Roberts to know that I have enjoyed the magazine. So Thank You for all the issues!

Now to some pics from this year's Black Rock City......

I discovered that wearing slippers was very comfortable.

The sun setting behind the mountains. It always makes me feel a bit sad inside......one day over. The time at Burning Man goes by so fast. This year I arrived around 9 am on Sunday August  27. 

Friday, September 15. 2023

More Sweden Part 2

View across Sergels Torg, also known as Plattan on a rainy day.

Architecture and statues in Stockholm that caught my attention which resulted in a photo.

I spent a couple of afternoons in the company of friends talking on a bench in Kungsträdgården overlooking this.

And two green doors.

Wednesday, September 6. 2023

Returned From Black Rock City

Hello! Pardon my abscence but I went to Black Rock City to this thing called Burning Man......I got back last night and I have spent a large chunk of my day today cleaning, unpacking, returning the camper trailer and all that stuff. And I am tired and need to catch up on sleep. We drove out of our camp at 9 17 AM yesterday and pulled up to my place here in Portland right before midnight. Anyhow.....I have returned from Black Rock City. More entries on Burning Man 2023 are coming soon.