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Entries from August 2022

Tuesday, August 23. 2022


Last week I had an intense craving for a burger, I recalled that I had seen somewhere that Burger King has a meat free burger called the Impossible Whopper so that is what I had. I liked it. If I get an intense fast food burger craving again I know where to go. I do not recall when I was at Burger King before this time......? A decade or more?

I found my new fave bag brand. Chala. Made with cruelty free vegan leather. Look how cute!

I think I will get this one. I like! And I like the name of the bag brand, Chala. Reminds me of my love Chhaya. ❤️

And the other day I drove to the neighbor state, Washington. I went to see my friend Barry, he helped me with some computer stuff.
Thank You Barry! I found some fun books at his place, I am on the cover of one of them.

And now it is time for a few episodes of Queen of the South, then sleep.

Saturday, August 13. 2022

Good Time Charlies

Years ago when I lived in Alaska I ended up in Kenai for a few years and I worked at Good Time Charlies. Since leaving there I have encountered several people that visited Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula (usually to fish) and I always ask them if they also paid Charlies a visit and several of them did. And then we compare notes.
Well, Charlies is now officially closed. I guess the original plan was to close down in September but instead the club had its last night a few weeks ago. I heard it was a full house and that makes me happy.
I had some pictures saved and planned on writing a blog entry about Charlies at some point and I guess this is the time. And yes there is a Charlie, he does exist. The club is named after him.
Here he is with Dian (The Boss Lady).

Me with Clay (to the left) and Dusty, the DJs and Clay is also Charlie's son.
Like Clay would say, "Tipping is not a city in China but Peking is and in order to get to Peking (peeking) you have to go through tipping." If I recall that right.

Now that is a showgirl! ;-)

Yes....I survived Good Time Charlies.

A recent picture of Charlie and a link to an article about him. I told him that it is a good article but that it does not come close to covering everything he has done in his life. Charlie should write a book. And so should Dian. They both have so many stories to tell. Charlie is a talented artist and he is skilled in magic tricks and I am certain there are many other talents in that man that I don't know about.


I have so many fun memories of that place, I made good friends there that I keep in touch with.
If you want to read some of my blog entries about Charlies just type in "Charlies' in the search bar (scroll up and you will see the search bar in the upper right hand corner).
We should had had a reality TV show made there, I know it would had been a huge success. That is the mistake Charlie made I think.....I mean hello a slam dunk success. We would had been household names for sure.
I am not sure how to end this entry. I wish Charlie and Dian many good years to come. ❤️ Thank You Charlies for the good times and the memories!

Thursday, August 11. 2022

Finally The Moon

Finally I got to see the moon, the August full moon. I went to the Sellwood bridge, I imagined it would be a good spot to see the moon rise over Portland. So I am sitting there, looking at the time thinking that the moon should be visible, where is it? But no.....then I turn around and that whole time it was behind me.
Of course.....So not exactly what I was hoping for but that is ok. I was hoping for an enormous moon slowly rising over Portland, me snapping some amazing pics, getting one fronted in a local newspaper or even better on the cover of the National Geographic or something, instead I got to see a bright orange moon hover over some roof tops. Of course the pictures do not make it justice, it was quite orange actually. But better than last month when I picked a spot that in my head was going to be great for watching the moon rise and then I missed it because it rose in a different spot. It is not easy always to catch the moon rise unless you go to some obvious location.
Here are my amateur photos of the August 2022 full moon.

That was that and then I drove home.
Did you get to see the full moon tonight?

Sunday, August 7. 2022


Another hot day today. I found a new (for me) Netflix series that I am hooked on. Almost as hooked as I was on Breaking Bad but not quite. I am watching Queen of the South. And there is even a good looking guy to enjoy, James. That is what I am going to do tonight in my room with a fan blowing air my way.

I will also have the rest of the cherries I got today and some ice cream.
No obligations to wake up for early tomorrow and that feels good. I can watch several episodes of James running around looking hot until late night.