Burning Man 2021

Entries from October 2021

Saturday, October 16. 2021

Things Come To An End

Like everything in life....things come to an end eventually and so did Burning Man.
Time flies at Burning Man. I tell people that never been before but are thinking about going to try to go for as many days as they can because once you are there.....you are immersed in a magical place and everything is amazing and then it ends, so you want to make sure you soak in as much of that magic as possible.
The last day I went mooping. And I found a Swedish fish wrapper. How fitting!

A sunset at Black Rock Desert.

Thank You for this time....I will be back next year! (I hope). ❤️

Stopped in Gerlach for a latte.

Hundreds of miles to drive.....

Next year's art theme was announced the other day - Waking Dreams. The Man burns in 322 days!

Thursday, October 14. 2021

Renegade Man

I arrived at Black Rock Desert in Nevada on a Wednesday and left the following Monday. Here are some pictures of my days at Renegade Man.

Plenty of music this year too, even though Renegade Man was FREE. Robot Heart came out.

Sunday night Temple burn.

And this place was great - House of Love. 8 30 am and still going strong.