Santa And Fly Agaric

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Santa And Fly Agaric

I love stories about Santa and the connection to the fly agaric. Back in the day mushrooms were depicted on many Christmas cards. I think it's pretty and I also like mushroom ornaments for the Christmas tree. I am also fascinated with all things of the underworld......faeries, mermaids, trolls, gnomes.....the stuff faerie tales are made off.
In Sweden there are tons of folklore about trolls, princesses and faeries. And Santa comes from Lappland, where Sweden, Norway and Finland meet, where the reindeer roam. At least that makes the most sense to me, that Santa is from there.

It snowed a lot here today. It is so pretty outside and I miss Sweden when Christmas is around the corner. All the traditions.....julbord, glögg, a walk through Gamla Stan, Kalle Ankas julafton, Lucia, adventsljustake, julstjärna......I don't want to think too much about it and get sad. It's quiet and dark outside. Chhaya is in love with the electric blanket, she doesn't want to move from it. The house is decorated and looks beautiful. I'm content and pensive. Right now I wish I was under a thick but soft blanket in front of a hot wood fire stove somewhere, listening to somebody delivering hours of faerie tales while sipping on hot chocolate.

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