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Movie & Friends

Busy first day in Vegas and I love it! Yes, I am back in Vegas, arrived late yesterday. This is last night's sunset about 100 miles outside Las Vegas off highway 95. Gorgeous!

The first thing I had to take care of today was my broken phone aka selfie machine. I broke it AGAIN. Even I was in disbelief when it happened. So the screen cracked a while back and I had to drive from Kenai to Anchorage to get it fixed, to the repair cost of $150 (plus gas).
After that I put my phone in the Otter case that I actually got BEFORE last year's Burning Man but never got around to use (lazy). While in Bend my phone stopped working temporarily because condensation had built up inside the Otter case and I had to put my phone in rice to dry it out for about two days, I prayed it would start working again and it did. But I didn't put the Otter case back on (lazy) and that was a mistake. Last night the phone fell out of my bra strap and it didn't even fall a foot but the screen went blank. I found a repair place close to my house here in Vegas and they fixed it in about two hours to the repair cost of $120.
So I have spent $270 just to fix my phone in the last two months, I am NOT breaking this phone again. Yes, I know......I could had gotten a cheaper phone probably but I need my text message and pictures. I have some very important messages from Putin in my phone you know.......There is a silver lining here. I went to At&T (my carrier) and discovered a cheaper plan that I will most likely switch to that will cut my cell phone bill in half. And my computer that decided to stop working when I was in Portland all of a sudden started working again. Yeay! It probably needed the rest. All that matters is that I have my phone back and I made sure to put it into the pink Otter case.
This afternoon I met up with one of my best friends - Mikey. I talked him into watching the new Guillermo Del Toro movie Crimson Peak with me.

I love another of his movies, Pan's Labyrinth .......ohhhhhh I LOVE that movie, it's beautiful and so sad. Watch it! Anyhow, I loved this movie too but Mikey felt the total opposite of me, he did not like it at all. I loved the storyline, the costumes I am sure will be up for an Oscar, the environment was great. Mikey said that the character Mia Wasikowska plays in the movie (the leading part), Edith is who I would had been would I had lived 100 years ago.
I feel like I am an Edith NOW. Sitting at home or at the coffee shop every day writing or thinking about what I should write about next and what pictures to take for the blog. Or I'm excited over a book I'm reading or planning to read.
See, I already went to my Vegas office Sambalatte for goodies and to write.

Since I am back in Sin City and all, we started the afternoon of right with a cerveza each while watching the movie. Na Zdrowie!

Modelo is mine and Mikey's beer, we have a special relationship with Modelo.
After the movie we went to Paymon's to grab a bite to eat. My friend Janis joined us.
That lucky girl is going to Cape Verde on Friday to hike and explore for a few weeks. Me and Janis had a lot of catching up to do so we continued on to Madhouse Coffee and sat there for a while.

I missed my friends! It felt so good to see them. I'm in bed now, very tired and also happy.


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