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Work Tomorrow

So me and Mandy are starting work tomorrow evening at a new club for both of us. I think the manager that did the hiring really liked us, when I got off the stage he told me that he would be happy to have me on the team and when Mandy was on stage he asked me where I had found her and said I made a good choice after I told him that I met her in South Dakota two years ago. We got to sign a 13 page contract. The club seems pretty strict and I like that.

I wish every club had rules like these and adhered to them. My kind of strip club rules! Although this law was definitely not followed in Portland from the little that I saw.

Since we didn't actually work tonight, only auditioned, Mandy decided to try her luck at the penny slots.....she walked away a whole $1.56 richer. Good, now we can finally buy some toilet paper!

I think I will need to sleep soon, both of us are in bed and my eyes feel heavy and tired. Chhaya is sleeping, snoring and dreaming. I'm already fantasizing about my latte that I will enjoy tomorrow, so the sooner I fall asleep the sooner I will be up and latte ready......Goodnight!


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Annette on :

Yay.....happy you like the club :-) I guess Mandy made more many than she did with Bingo! At least you can have an adventure with a friend...those make good memories. And the best thing is Chhaya is with you on this adventure.

Tatiana on :

Me and Chhaya are checking out the trails in Bend.....

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