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Entries from June 2024

Monday, June 24. 2024

More Festival

Yesterday I went back for some more of the festival (the yearly Scandinavian festival in Astoria Oregon). It was the last day of three. The first day I went I saw an art piece that I really liked, a mermaid inside an old wooden window. So nice. I told the artist that I would be back and if she (the mermaid) was there still I would get her. But no, she was gone. The artist told me that she is working on another mermaid, a purple one (I love purple) so I might be able to get that one. I love and collect mermaids and faeries. In case you did not know, I am a mermaid and a faerie.

The Maypole was up.

I brought my eight inch heels and my blue & yellow string bikini to perfom at noon. I had the whole main stage to myself. ðŸ˜‰
Everybody in the US knows about the Swedish Bikini Team and I am a member of course.


Friday, June 21. 2024

Midsummer Festival

Well.......June 21. Longest day of the year. It is Summer Solstice and a full moon today. And the Midsummer Festival is happening in Astoria. I am thinking about entering the meatball eating contest tomorrow and show these local folks here how real Swedes eat (not).
I went to the event today, walked around and looked at all the vendors selling things. I saw a part piece that I thought was quite amazing, if it is still there on Sunday I might splurge and get it. I ate (split pea soup with rye bread and pancakes afterwards). I have an all weekend pass. The Maypole is getting up tomorrow. And this evening I wanted to see the sunset and the moonrise. The sun set behind clouds and I waited until 22 20 for the moon but I missed out on that too. But how?
Like where did the moon go this evening? Behind clouds as well or I was not in a good spot to view it rise. I drove home disappointed. I love watching the full moon rise.