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Entries from December 2022

Sunday, December 18. 2022

Double Rainbow Today

Busy day today. Pet Pack then errands. Went to IKEA, on my way walking out I turned around and saw this rainbow and a few minutes later it was gone. It might very well be the last rainbow I see in 2022.

Tried the Hello Kitty face mask. It was a rainbow too. So a double rainbow today.

This upcoming week I have a ton of stuff to do before Christmas. Work three times and then no work for like two weeks until 2023 sometime, plus I am hoping to sign off on a project I have been working on for months now for my other job. That will hopefully happen this coming week too. And then I can put that behind me and get PAID.
Watched the highlights of the World Cup finals between Argentina and France and the penalty kicks of course. Super thrilling game.
And that was all the football I watched this World Cup. I like football but everything about Qatar made me tune out from the World Cup this time. Canada, Mexico and the US will host in 2026.
I do think that football is the best team sport that exists. But I am far from a football fanatic.

Wednesday, December 14. 2022


I do not know if I have the energy this year again, I didn't last year, to dig out all my Christmas stuff from storage just to put it up for a couple of weeks only to take it all down and stove everything back into storage again. The effort! I might just have a few items out.
Like the wreath, the Swedish angel chimes and hang some ornaments in the tree outside my apartment. I am leaning towards doing that.
I have a ton of other stuff I want to accomplish instead before this year ends. I am glad I do not have to compete with the Instagrammers for the most perfect Holiday IG feed.
Got some cupcakes today. This little snowman was my first and only Christmas decoration in my place so far this Christmas.

Monday, December 12. 2022


I spent last night watching the newly released Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro (I really like his movies). It was filmed here in Portland at the animation studio ShadowMachine. You can watch it at Netflix.
I HIGHLY recommend it.
I loved it.....and it is a bit sad (I cried a little). I think you should bundle up one of these evenings with some hot tea and cake or maybe some ice cream and watch Pinocchio. Take it in. It is quite a beautiful film. The story about Pinocchio was written by Italian writer Carlo Collodi.
And there is a reason for the pinecone.....
"What happens, happens. And then, we are gone."

Sunday, December 11. 2022

Gold Glitter

I've done many photo shoots but today was the first glitter shoot that I participated in. I got covered in gold glitter, besides my face except for some flecks here and there. Looking back now I think we should had put more on my face....anyhow I hope we got some good shots. You just never know. It was fun and the photographer was super nice. These couple of snaps I took at the end and the glitter had started to come off.

To get the glitter off I stood on a large plastic sheet, rubbed my body with micro fiber rags (takes off the glitter kind of easy if there is such a thing as easy glitter removal) before getting dressed. Took a shower when I got home.

Saturday, December 10. 2022

More Skin Care Stuff

Today I got some more skin care stuff. I have not tried Mario Badescu yet but there was a sale at Ulta today so I decided to get the oil cleanser and the Vitamin C serum. I could not pass up this forehead skin patch by The Cream Shop. I have not tried any of this yet but I will in a bit after I take a shower.

Next on my list to get is the Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 by SkinCeuticals. That face creme is amazing. I tried a sample of it a while back and decided that one day I will get the full size creme.
I waxed my legs this evening and I am about to wash my hair in a bit.
I have the glitter photo shoot tomorrow.

Sunday, December 4. 2022

Snow And Shopping

Woke up to snow but that has all melted by now.

Decided to go shopping this afternoon. I think I am halfway done with this year's Christmas gifts. I also wanted to get a cleansing oil for my face. So I got the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, a first time for me. Hopefully it works well. I want something that doesn't dry out my face when I wash it.
I also wanted to get La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, I went to two Ulta locations and they were out and had none in stock. I also went to Target to look for it and they did not have it. So I will try to find it somewhere else. It is supposedly very moisturizing.
I got the La Roche-Posay Lipikar AP+M Triple Repair Moisturizing Cream (a body cream basically). I will slather it on tonight after I take a bath.
And two lip glosses by BUXOM, colors Sophia and Clair. I got a gloss for a friend as well (BUXOM Sophia).

And that was that. Came home. Made the Jennifer Aniston salad again. Decided to finally hand wash some clothes instead of just looking at them laying in a pile. Soon I will take a bath and force myself to send some work emails so I don't have to do it tomorrow. What kind of work emails? I have another job besides dancing but it is not as "exciting" as dancing so I rarely talk about it......Sometimes I am busy with that other job, other times not.