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Thursday, December 29. 2011


I have been getting more and more comments to my old blog about Williston from October 2010 (Heartbreakers and Williston White).
Girls want to know how to get work at Heartbreakers and how it is to work there (the $$$).
The reason they comment on that blog is because it shows up as one of the first links if you google Williston Heartbreakers.
I have e mailed all of them back with contact info reg work there. Of course, I am sooooo nice.....
But then I got this comment,
"Tatiana, I've lost my man "Dan" to williston, I have a "special needs son", he won't call back, I'm sure you've met him, I am your New England twisted sister, please send him back to the track, for the boy and his wife needs him. I need help u can do it. If u have a heart, all I can ask."

Hmmmmmm......ok. The lady also included her phonenumber but I deleted it so she doesn't receive any unwanted phone calls.
All I can say is, I am sorry. I can assure you that I don't have any clue about Dans whereabouts. Not sure why I must have met him?
If I ever go back to Williston (keep reading your fave blog for updates) and come across this person I will let him know that you are looking for him.
He might not even be going to Heartbreakers. Maybe something happened to him? Try calling hospitals, the police and file a missing persons report.
I don't know what other advice I can give you. But he doesn't sound like a good man if he ignores his wife and child.
I will kick him hard in the balls, yank his ear and force him to call his wife if I ever come across this maggott, I promise!

Thursday, December 8. 2011

Heartbreakers Williston

I have been getting e mails and comments regarding working at Heartbreakers in Williston.
Since that girl went on CNN talking about all the money she makes in North Dakota every dancer in the country wants to have a
slice of the pie. And I don't blame them. Why not?
When you google Heartbreakers Williston, one of my blogs from when I was there (called "Heartbreakers and Williston White")
comes up high on search results list.
Therefore that entry has been getting extra attention.
Even I started thinking that maybe I should go back there one more time to see how it is. You know what I say, never say never.
Though I am appalled at what I heard about no dressing room for the girls in the club anymore, I do not know for sure
if that is true or not. Maybe it was a short term situation? Because every club should have a dressing room for the girls.
Anyhow, so I texted Jared (the owner of Heartbreakers). Well, he told me that they are booked until March next year.
Meaning, get in line girls.
There is also an average of 18 girls/night. That's a lot for a small club. But if it's busy (a good kind of busy), that should not matter.
Right next to Heartbreakers there is another club called Whispers. I though it would be good to work at Whispers for one week
and then Heartbreakers the following week or ten days and then go home.
Well, unless you know the lady that runs Whispers personally it seems very difficult to even get a response from them. I heard that
from more than one girl btw. One of my friends is there right now working, it took her six months of trying to get a booking there
and her booking was five months out, so almost a year. WOW. Really?
But to all the dancers that read this, try for yourself, you might be able to get a booking earlier, there might be a cancellation
or something. You won't know unless you try.
Then it's the problem with finding housing while you are all seems complicated but it might be worth another try, not sure.
But you all know that if I do go back, there will be a full report about it here...........on your fave blog!