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Hi Monday

Hi's kind of cold outside.
I am sitting here reading about COVID-19 and wondering what the truth about this whole thing really is? I went to Costco the other day and I have never seen so many people in there before.....stocking up on supplies. I just wanted to look at a few things, glad I did not stand in line.
So if this virus is not that dangerous like they say (the government officials) and basically not worse than the regular flu how come there are travel restrictions? And how come a school a few miles away from where I live is closed down until Thursday for all the surfaces to get disinfected, if the virus, again is kind of like the “regular” flu?
People in the US don't go to the doctor unless it's something serious due to the cost of a doctor's visits. Most people think it is an expense and rightfully so because it is. Perhaps it is time to finally address and change the health care situation in this country because it's obviously severely flawed.
Insurance, co pays and bla bla bla bullshit capitalism. Healthcare for all. If other countries can make it work so can the US. Figure it out. All those elected officials should put their minds together and come up with something that actually works. I can think of several solutions to get things moving in the right direction but I am not getting paid to solve the problems of this country.
Also people should learn how to cough and sneeze in public. I have known this since childhood and I am not interested in random people’s droplets on me.
And it is definitely time for people all over the world to think about and RETHINK their eating habits and how they relate to animals and how animals are handled and treated before human consumption of them.
So gross and wrong to consume endangered species, kill animals for their horns, tusks, scales and fins because you have some wrongful idea that you can benefit from consuming those parts (nobody gives a fuck about your erection problems and eating rhino horn won't address the issue anyways), torturing animals for endless meat consumption.
Newsflash - it is possible to survive without chomping down on chicken, hamburger, sausage and steak every day. Humans = scum of the earth.
One of the best things I have read in a while came from Andrew Muir, CEO of Wilderness Foundation Africa, "If we do not eat wildlife they will not harm us," he said.


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Annette on :

You know my dear friend Tatiana it is bcuz of your influence I almost never eat meat. After my Thanksgiving Tofurkey I will never go back to Turkey. I love my veggie burgers!

Tatiana on :

I love veggie burgers too!

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