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Play Some Bingo

This evening I decided to venture out and play some bingo. There was a little troll at the table I was sitting at. Reminded me of the first time I played bingo in Portland (with Mandy) back in October 2015 when I was traveling through from Alaska to Las Vegas....and now I live here.

It's warming up here. I have daffodils in the backyard and buds on a tree that is also in my yard. Cold at night though still. And now you have gotten the local weather and botany report.
It is bedtime for me now. Goodnight.


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Annette on :

When I was a little girl I would visit my grandma in a small town in Oklahoma. I would go play BINGO at this little building on Friday nights. I loved it and if you won you got to pick a donated dessert♥️I only wanted to win my grandmas

Tatiana on :

That is a nice memory.

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